our Roasting process

We often get asked why our coffees are so flavorful and bold, but not nearly as bitter most of our competitors. Well, there are more than a few reasons, including the premium Arabica beans we source from all over the world, the many unique blends we create and the carefully-monitored time and temperatures of our roasts. The principal reason, however, is that we roast our coffee beans in small 30-pound batches using an air roaster versus the drum roasters used by the vast majority of coffee companies. We like to use the analogy of popcorn – our system is more like an air popcorn popper while our competition uses the equivalent of a ‘movie-theater’ corn-popping system. Our beans are roasted using superheated air (over 450 degrees) and are not subjected to continuous contact with a hot surface that can cause harsh or off flavors.

Moxie Java makes over forty coffee blends, ranging from the intense dark roasts of our Hawaiian blend, Columbia, Idaho blend, Fargo blend, River Runner, Sumatra and Guatemala. Our most-popular blends are available in decaf, and we offer a variety of flavored coffees including French Caramel Creme, Hazelnut, Frangelica, Coconut Cream, French Vanilla, Butterscotch, irish Cream.

Moxie Java sources, roasts and packages coffee using rigorous food processing standards and is the only Idaho coffee roaster that is HACCP-certified.